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  • Wednesday, 07-06-2023, (Ada Lovelace room, City, University of London, 09:00-17:00 GMT, by invitation only. Webinar hosted by CitAI and The Alan Turing Institute.
    AI Art Turing Workshop
    Chair: Eduardo Alonso (CitAI).

  • Tuesday, 14-03-2023, (Zoom; 14:00-15:00 GMT): Webinar hosted by TCCE and CitAI.
    AI and Performance
    Chair: Eduardo Alonso (CitAI). Speakers: Karl Woolley, Mattias Frey, Aoi Nakamura & Esteban Lecoq, and Sahil Dhingra.

    In this discursive and informal event, we considered how AI is impacting questions of performance, in particular whether performance itself can be changed through engaging with and assimilating AI on the dance and film industries. We examined cultural touring companies and their use of digital media, and whether technology can address the increasing challenges of touring live work, and help audiences access performance. We also considered the use of AI during film production including in pre- and post-production, audience engagement and AI, as well as showcasing some pioneering work being undertaken across the creative and cultural industries.

    To watch a video of the event, click the thumbnail below


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