The new CitAI Robin Milner Lab (after City’s AI pioneer and Turing Award winner) contains high-performance GPU computers, world-class facilities, the very latest software and tools, and the computational power needed for AGI and Deep Learning.

The room has been designed as an innovative space for Artificial Intelligence, to enhance audio-visual presentations and content, coding demonstrations, group discussion and team working activities, including ‘Speech Bubble’ shaped tables. This active room differs from traditional lab space in that there is no data projector nor audio-visual Pod, rather an interactive display screen connects with the users’ computers or mobile devices, together with a wireless solution so that all computers can ‘cast’ or share to the main display screen, that also allows for annotation and further collaboration visible to all.

The room technology incorporates a movement-sensor based camera and microphone array (with an audio playback system) to allow remote connection with guest speakers, collaboration with external colleagues and off-site sessions with other institutions and organisations.

Finally, highly durable magnetic writing surfaces are installed across the walls for creative collaboration and immediate expression of ideas and problem solving.