"Warning, in music-words
devout and large,
that we are each other’s
we are each other’s
we are each other’s
magnitude and bond."

Gwendolyn Brooks, 1971

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Core Members

"The source of these problems of coordination and cooperation is not the nature of the individuals’ goals, or the instrumental character of rationality. Rather it is individualism about rationality, which holds the unit of activity exogenously fixed at the individual."
Hurley 2004

Vince Jankovics

sample-image I am a PhD student at the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre. I am working on representations that allow higher level reasoning and decision making for model-based reinforcement learning agents, under the supervision of Eduardo Alonso and Michaël Garcia-Ortiz.

I received my MSc degree in Robotics from the University of Bristol and my BSc in Mechatronics from the University of Southern Denmark. I worked as a machine learning engineer for 5 years, contributing to projects from various domains, such as image recognition, image enhancement, financial time series prediction and drug discovery.

I am interested in abstract reasoning that involves the creation of higher-level concepts that is crucial for achieving AGI. In my free time I enjoy skiing, growing vegetables and 3D printing.


Corina Cătărău-Cotuțiu

sample-image I am a PhD candidate at the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, at City, University of London. I have been passionate about artificial intelligence for quite a while, but more recently I have grown fond and I am looking to study more in-depth topics related to AGI. For my Ph.D. I have as supervisors Esther Mondragón, Michaël Garcia-Ortiz and Eduardo Alonso. I will be working with them to make a system that is able to generalize and transfer knowledge better by taking inspiration from the Free Energy Principle theory. In addition to that I am keen to investigate whether creative thinking and the "Eureka" phenomena can be computationally implemented in reinforcement learning agents.

Before these interests I have been working as a software developer in both Python and Java for the last 5 years, after graduating a computer science BSc in Romania. In the last two years I was a part of the research team at my company, learning not only about innovative technologies but also how to deploy them and make them production ready. During this time, I started the MSc in Artificial Intelligence at City, time in which I learned not only to apply different algorithms and implement them but also to think critically - to spend time in understanding a topic before even beginning to think about innovations.

I am passionate about learning how we as humans think and I am always eager to share my thoughts about it and happily be corrected when wrong.


Kiran Ikram

sample-image I am PhD student at the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre at City, University of London. I am supervised by Dr. Eduardo Alonso, Dr. Esther Mondragón and Dr. Michaël Garcia-Ortiz.

My research focus is on building multi-agent artificial intelligence capable of strategic reasoning in cooperative-competitive settings. My work utilizes methods from deep reinforcement learning and evolutionary game theory to tackle the dilemmas that arise from many-agent interactions.

Prior to commencing my PhD, I obtained my MSc in Artificial Intelligence from City, University of London and my BBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame. I have experience as a Fixed Income Trader, managing the one of the largest bond portfolios in Pakistan and as a Creative Director producing commercials for leading campaigns in the Asian region.

I was a Division-1 Varsity athlete with the University of Notre Dame’s Women’s Rowing Team for four years.


Alexander Dean

sample-image I am a PhD student at City, University of London’s Artificial Intelligence Research Centre. My research is on the study of algebraic structures in continual representation learning, under the supervision of Dr. Esther Mondragón, Dr. Eduardo Alonso, Dr. Michaël Garcia-Ortiz and Dr Laure Daviaud.

Before starting my PhD, I received an MSci in Physics with Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London then studied for the MSc in Artificial Intelligence at City, University of London.

I am a strong advocate of developing mathematical frameworks to gain insights into problems and my research aims to apply ideas and techniques from Physics to Artificial General Intelligence; I’m also interested in the analysis of variational principles and their symmetries using abstract algebra to develop novel AI techniques and inspire new cognitive architectures.

Alexander McCaffrey

sample-image I am a PhD student at the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, at City, University of London. I am currently studying how to design artificial agents that use the Free Energy Principle to guide interactions with their environments, under the supervision of Michaël Garcia-Ortiz, Eduardo Alonso and Esther Mondragón. I am particularly interested in the integration of Deep Learning models with new Reinforcement Learning techniques, Evolutionary Game Theory and the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience.

Before joining the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, I received an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from City, University of London, and a BSc in Economics from UCL. A common theme in both Artificial Intelligence and Economics is their tendency to incorporate insights for other disciplines, including psychology, biology, philosophy, and neuroscience. For me, being forced to take an interdisciplinary approach in both fields is what makes them interesting.

I worked as an academic tutor and was part of a team at HSBC responsible for collecting and analysing large amounts of data to deliver insights to management. Outside of research, I enjoy teaching, poker and am trying to become qualified diver.